I’m still slogging away on my toe-up socks and my mother-in-law scarf.  In other news, we’ve moved on from cherries to blackberries:

About 7 lbs. of blackberries became blackberry sour cream cake (from the current issue of Everyday Food), blackberry pie (with, I confess, prepared frozen crusts) & blackberry ice cream.  We’re eating some fresh (delicious on cereal and Greek yogurt) and I froze 5 cups, which is more than enough for another pie, which will likely be very welcome in the depths of fall or winter.

I’ll soon be done with my new little design project.  I hope it turns out as cute as it is in my head.  I’ve also put some of my prototype hats up for sale on Etsy.  It’s kind of like giving away your darlings but it would be nice to make moolah from them to subsidize future design projects.  🙂