I admit to brainwashing my kids.  I’d love them to someday go to college near me so I can see them often.  It helps that two of my alma maters (UC Berkeley for college and Stanford for a master’s) are nearby.  So I occasionally take them to those campuses to show off how great they are.  We went to Cal yesterday — what a day!

Doe Library Reading Room: "This is where you can study with all of your friends and afterward you go out for pizza!"


"This is where you meet your friends for 'refreshments' after your last class on Fridays."


Sather Gate: "On a regular school day, this is packed with students and clubs and you'll pass by lots of your friends on the way to class. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Daily Cal right here and you can read it while you're waiting for class to start."

The iconic Sproul Plaza. "When you plan to meet each other for a bite to eat, you'll say, 'Meet ya at the fountain.'"

Go Bears!  Next stop on the brainwashing tour:  Palo Alto in August.  🙂