I haven’t been sewing.  After making a bunch of doll clothes, PJs, quilts and bags, I took a break — a loooonnng break.  Many, many months ago, I had purchased fabric for PJs for my husband and even though I was sick of making PJs, I felt I could not pick up another new sewing project until those darn PJs were done.  That fabric was just staring me in the face even as the sewing machine had taken up residence under the dining room table. 
But I want to resume quilting.  I love watching the quilting shows like Fons & Porter (which for some reason my sister and I call Fons & Prawns) and Eleanor Burns (whose show Quilt in a Day strongly resembles a Saturday Night Live skit but is actually quite informative if you can get past that).  I think I am drawn to quilting because it’s more straight-line sewing than garment sewing and it is a great excuse to purchase bits of cute fabrics. 

PJ Clutter Gone, Quilting Stuff Takes Pride of Place on Dining Room Table

I enlisted my sister to help me get past the PJs hump and we *finally* made those darn PJs a few days ago.  Then I packaged up old scraps and other supplies that were getting on my nerves and preventing me from resuming quilting.


That’ll all be donated to my kids’ school.  The rest — very little — remains here:

Here's what's left of my "stash."

Ahhh, much better.  This week I hope to take a trip to Joann’s to use some gift certificates I got during the holidays.  I’d like to make a simple quilt for our family room.