OMG, how freakin’ cute are those little hamsters from the new Mochimochi book?  The projects are weird and wonderful.  (She also designed the teeny snails I made awhile back.)  Those hamsters took no time at all and my kids love them.  Paper towel rolls are the hamsters’ play tunnels.

On another knitting-related note, I just learned that you can hide the “disagree” button in the Ravelry forums.  That seriously made my day.  If I get just one disagree, even on something as silly as a reality TV discussion, it totally bums me out.  (I’m sensitive, I know.)  So I have hidden the disagree button on my forums to mask all negativity from the otherwise very perfect Ravelry!  If you’d like to do so too, go to your forum page, click “rearrange” at the top right and then scroll to the bottom.  Unclick “disagree” and the button will no longer be visible in the forums.

P.S. The only upside of Dancing Ewe Yarns going out of business is the resulting going-out-of-business sale.  Everything from Malabrigo to Cascade to Lorna’s Laces to Rowan and everything in between (including patterns!) is hugely discounted.