So I read this book:

It is chock full of extremely valuable tips and hints and wisdom for the wannabe professional knitwear designer.  It’s worth getting because of that.  However, and this is a HUGE however for me, this book has profound spelling, grammar and punctuation problems.  Normally, this is something that I, as a professional writer, simply have to let go of, realizing that not everyone’s standards are like mine.  But here the author takes great pains to point out that she, too, is a professional writer (she makes sure the reader knows that she has written more than 12 books) and preaches about the importance of professionalism in everything you produce and of having a second pair of eyes look at your work.  So if the author is going to preach about the necessity of professionalism and accuracy, the least we can expect is professionalism and accuracy in her work.  While the content of the book is superb (!), the presentation is sub-par.  I have taught writing for many years and one of my primary principles is that if you have spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, you lose credibility on the substantive material.

The worst section of this book is also the best: the interviews.  The second half of the book is devoted to interviews with dozens of knitwear designers, editors and publishers.  The content is fabulous and so helpful.  (If you read nothing else, read Adina Klein’s interview.  She seems like a TOTAL NUT in the way that many of the most lovable people in my life are total nuts!)  But this is also the section that is so riddled with errors and mistakes that it’s truly distracting.  There are sentences without periods, open parenthesis without an accompanying closed parenthesis, random capitalization in the middle of sentences, etc.  (Importantly, these are not judgment calls but honest-to-goodness indefensible errors.)  It’s horrible.  Clearly, these interviews were either done via e-mail and the author simply cut and pasted the text without combing through it or transcribed live interviews without combing through the transcriptions.  Even the author’s QUESTIONS have errors!

In the unlikely event that the author sees this review, I want to be clear that this was still money well spent for me — I learned a ton from this book.  But I feel compelled to put out my intense feelings about the presentation, if for no other reason than the fact that professionalism is something that the author espouses so emphatically.