I seriously love how this came out. I must confess, though, that I totally copied the amazing version by the always clever NeverNotKnitting, who created the bunny for a baby shower where she gave this along with a copy of Peter Rabbit.  Clever, clever, that girl.  I copied her right down to the carrot and the shawl-collar jacket that she made up.  (Though I am pretty sure that NNK sewed the head on in a different way than the pattern calls for but I am probably the only person who noticed because I was copying her so blatantly!  My head is sewn on the way the pattern says to.)   So any compliments about this FO should properly be re-routed to her.  Hopefully she will put this in the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” department!

The pattern is the Well-Dressed Bunny on Ravelry.  It’s quick and simple, though there’s a lot of sewing together.  My skills in that department — while not great — are improving.

The blue jacket was made with Amy Butler Belle, leftover from my Starlett hat.  The beige is, believe it or not, some Vanna White acrylic yarn I bought at Joann’s.  It’s actually super soft, though a bit squeaky (you know what I mean) to work with.  Before you get all judgmental on me, know that I just forked out 35 bucks for some handspun on Etsy — my very first handspun!!!  I’ll post about it when it arrives.  I confess, though, that knitting with handspun is something else that I’m copying NeverNotKnitting about.  What is it with me?!?!  I’m not a stalker.  I swear.