I have reached a whole new level of geekiness.

That’s me (on the far right, pink beret) and two friends at the Giants game the other night for the Stitch ‘n Pitch event.  (And, yes, at a summer game in San Francisco, you wear winter clothes!)  We sat in nosebleed seats amongst a sea of knitters and crocheters, many wearing hand-crafted Giants gear.  We took this photo after picking up our Stitch ‘n Pitch “swag.”  You could chose between needles and Giants-orange yarn (we picked yarn) and then among different yarn gauges (we picked big gauge).  However, when we got to our seats, I noticed my yarn was different than the big-gauge sample (and different than my friends’) — it was fun fur!  Oy!!!    But now I look at it as a challenge:  what the #(@&$#! can I make with orange fun fur?!

Our section got a visit from "Lou Seal" - do you see the mini bats he used as knitting needles?

 Really, I cannot get over what I a complete geek I have turned into.  But I’m owning it.  And the fact that the two friends who accompanied me are intelligent, interesting, dynamic and fun gives me hope that I can still live successfully among the muggles.