As I mentioned, I have been gearing up to resume sewing.  I’m really a terrible sewer.  But it’s fun to pick out fabrics and, in contrast to knitting, to make something quickly.  My sister, while still a novice, is a much better sewer than I am and has taken to creating adorable bags.  They are sooooo cute.  She brings them to parties as hostess gifts (so much more personal and thoughtful than a bottle of wine!), gives them out to friends, sells them at work to raise money for charity, etc.  Last week, she taught me how to make them.  Here’s the one we made together:

Cute, right???   There’s almost no cutting involved because you use 4 fat quarters.  Here’s the one I made by myself a few days later:

Still cute.  But don’t look tooooo close or you will see this:

So I have some practicing to do.  But in the meantime, I’ll happily use the bag to schlep around knitting projects — and shop around for some more fat quarters to play with.