At my kids’ school, every new baby in the community is welcomed with a hand-knit baby hat.  It’s a lovely tradition and I am thrilled to be among the many knitter-moms at the school who periodically meet for knitting “raves” through which we stockpile hats for the upcoming year.  The colors (grey and white) are standard, but the knitters can use whatever baby hat design they like.  Here’s my latest contribution to the school’s baby-hat stockpile:

Forgive the model-less, late-night flash photography...

The yarn provided is Valley Yarns Superwash, one that I have personally used frequently.  (If you saw my essay in the Summer 2009 issue of Interweave Knits, I mention a “kindergarten sweater” — that was knit with VY Superwash and it has held up tremendously well, long past kindergarten.)  It’s super soft, very…sproing-y…wonderfully durable and, best of all, affordable.  If you try it sometime, let me know what you think.