When Diana, of Otterwise, read in my last post that I wasn’t feeling well, she sent along a get-well gift — her new shawl pattern: Gentle

Wow.  It’s so versatile.  She includes instructions for SIX weights of yarns.  A definite bargain for less than 2 bucks!  Diana is a prolific designer and has been a very kind mentor to me, offering marketing tips and promoting my designs on her blog — just because!

I still don’t feel great and I’ve got off-the-wall symptoms like a messed up equilibrium, fuzzy head and nausea.  Knitting has been non-existent for nearly a week – so please bear with me if my posts are temporarily more spaced out than usual.  And since I believe in the power of good vibes, please send some my way so I can get back to normal ASAP.  🙂