OMG — I made it through the other side of that terrible virus.  Official diagnosis is labrynthitis, which is a bit of a catch-all term.  It basically means the virus hit me in the inner ear, causing vertigo and nausea.   It could have manifested as a sore throat in someone else.  Anyway, I was down 2 weeks and I’m not a 100 percent yet, though I’m working on it.  (You know you’re sick when knitting in the round makes you very, very nauseous! )   The ear, nose and throat doctor said it could take 2 more weeks (!) to be completely better.  Note — if anyone you know looks normal but tells you they are experiencing vertigo and nausea, be very, very nice to them.   Interestingly, the treatment of choice for the symptoms is a tranquilizer.  Primarily it manages your balance function but it has the added bonus of calming anxiety, which is, I learned, a component of labrynthitis for many people.  Think about it, people, you are spinning all the time — it’s very, very scary.

In any event, I finally picked up the needles again and finished this hat, which was about 3/4 complete when I fell ill.

I am so relieved to be feeling better and hope I get to 100 percent sooner rather than later.  Although I didn’t knit at all, my Absolutely Fabulous throw did keep me very cozy and was a good reminder of how knitting can be soothing.  Tonight I’m going to start something from Whimsical Little Knits 2, while I wait for the backordered yarn I ordered for our iPad cozy.  After that, I’m onto a garment — I’m ready!