Those little 3-50 yard balls of leftover yarns really get on my nerves.  It’s too much to throw out, too little to use effectively.  I keep those balls, organized by color, in plastic bags, thinking I’ll turn to them when I need a contrasting-color hat flower or stripe.  But I rarely do.  I decided to copy Lolly’s Rapunzel Scarf, something I’d been meaning to do for some time:

With lengths cut about 6″ long, it came out a little too short for me (or to gift to an adult)  and it’s also a little too colorful for my personal taste.  But my daughter loves it.  She wore it today with shorts and a tank top.  Kids are funny.

If I were to make this again, which I probably will when those leftovers pile up, I’d cut much longer pieces, try to stick to one color family and also use a wide-tooth comb to neaten out the many strands.  I had a couple of tangling close calls.  In any event, it’s nice to get rid of those mini balls in such a productive way.  Speaking of productive, I’m trying to keep busy while I wait for my Iced and iPad cozy yarn to arrive in the mail: