I had lunch with Jenny from the incomparable Stash and Burn earlier this week.  Long story short — Jenny, a nurse, had taken care of my friend Christine’s son, who has spent some time in the hospital.  Awhile back, I taught Christine to knit to help her pass the time during hospital stays.  I’d never met Jenny, but I knew from the podcast that she was a nurse on that very floor.  I told Christine, “If you need more knitting help, seek out a nurse named Jenny.”  Lo and behold, Jenny was assigned to Christine’s son at one point and they got to know each other.  In the meantime, I had finally met Jenny myself, albeit briefly, at Stitches West earlier this year.  Christine had long wanted to have us over for lunch and we finally made it happen.  What fun!  Here’s a photo of Christine and Jenny (I was feeling too geeky fan girl to appear in the photo myself) — notice Jenny’s hand-knit sweater:

Christine and Jenny

 Yeah, it was pretty awesome.  Jenny is as intelligent, kind and funny (and, yes, that laugh…) in real life as she is on the podcast.  And Christine was a lovely host.  It was a great time!