I normally don’t like to read about too much off-topic stuff on knitting blogs.  That said, I just wanted to let you know that if you’re interested in reading about a 21-day cleanse I’m starting on Monday, Nov. 29, you can read about it here: The 40-Year-Old Vegans, a blog I’m co-writing with some friends who are also doing the cleanse. 

Long story short (and as described in that blog’s first post, written by me), I heard about the ultra healthy cleanse when I was in a decidedly unhealthy space — the throes of  the absolutely hellish Labyrinthitis.  I decided it was just what my body needed.  There are no funky juices or crazy colonics.  It’s simply: vegan, no-sugar/gluten/caffeine/alcohol for 21 days.  It’s medically unassailable.  I am extremely eager to find out how different I feel on this cleanse.  And if you want to find out too, then follow us on that blog.   Hopefully my posts on this (my primary blog) won’t be too cranky while I’m on the cleanse.   Wish me luck!  Oh, and I will leave you with a knitting photo.  I finished my last hat for awhile (a child-sized beret, for the upcoming school craft fair) and I’ve moved on to Iced (progress shots soon).