I got these goodies on Cyber Monday from Royal Yarn:

The book is to absolutely shamelessly copy this sweater by A Friend to Knit With.  Longtime readers will remember that my Wretched Empire Waist Cardigan (which I refuse to link back to because it was so unflattering but if you want to find it you can by searching “wretched”…) was also copied from A Friend to Knit With.  (She REALLY knows how to make her knits look great!)  So I’m risking it here.  But I’m hopeful that this short-sleeved number will be more flattering on me. 

The yarn is some basic Cascade 220 in two purple shades, which I bought to bring the total up higher than 20 bucks so I could get an extra $5 off.  They’ll be great yarns for some basic hats.