So far, I have made good on my resolution to do more sewing.  Here’s a quilt in progress:

So far, I’m pretty happy with it.  (We’ll see if my square corners line up when I sew rows together!)  It’s a simple quilt comprised of 3″ squares.  It’ll be a scrappy-looking design with a simple border.  My only regret is that I should have bought one more fabric — a darker blue.  But I still think it’ll still look fine with what I’ve got.  My sewing is not great but 3″ squares are just perfect for practice.

In knitting news, I’ve completed both fronts and am half-way up the back on my copycat sweater.  Also, remember I mentioned placing a Cyber Monday order with  Well, I believe something has gone wrong with that shop.  The order status has read, “Will ship in 2-3 weeks” since November 29.  My multiple attempts to reach the shop have been met with bounced-back e-mails, a disabled “contact us” function on the website and two unreturned voicemail messages.  (Strangely, though, the site’s “place order” function worked great and Cyber Monday sale e-mails had been successfully delivered…)  Fortunately, I had not yet been charged for the order.  But my advice?  Do not buy anything from that site.  It’s too bad because I had happily bought sock yarn from that shop several times before.