* almost done with the Copycat Cardigan.  I’m doing the button bands now and then all that’s left is the seaming and blocking.  Fingers crossed.  I think I’ll be up for some small projects before doing another garment.  But once I’m ready for another garment, Collins remains at the top of my list.

Crochet (yup,  you read that right: crochet!):

* I went through a big crochet phase a few summers ago and did a real number on my wrist.  Yet I forgot all that when I stumbled on this granny square throw.  Love it.  Even though I’ve already made two big afghans/throws (here and here), I want more.  They just evoke home and coziness to me and that’s especially appealing because I’ve just been feeling far too busy and spread thin lately.  I found the book for sale on Ravelry for 5 bucks (cheaper than most single patterns on Ravelry!) and I’m awaiting its arrival.  In the meantime, I ordered some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on sale in similar colors to the throw in the photo, though my main color will be blue rather than green (but I still will have that green).  I am going to supplement the cashmerino aran colors with some standard colors (white and chocolate brown) from my stash.  I figure that even if I start the granny squares and don’t like doing them or they hurt my wrist, I’ll still get use out of that yarn.  Best case scenario is the squares are fun, easy, take-along projects to do while sitting at the kids’ sports practices and games or waiting at school pick-up.


* I’m sewing together the rows of my quilt.  They’re pretty good — not great, but pretty good.  Most — but definitely not all– of my corners are matching pretty closely.  I am sewing a couple of rows every few days.


* Still plugging away at the 365 Project.  I’m trying to figure out if my daily goal is a great shot or just documenting my life.  I think it’s the latter, with an occasional great shot that simply happens.  This one definitely remains my favorite from this first month.