Ugh!  You will not believe what happened.  As I was casting off my 2nd Oak Grove Mitt, I realized something had gone horribly wrong.  Can you see in this photo of the mitts blocking?

Um, yeah.  The mitt on the right does not have a leaf stem.  That’s because I *stupidly* read “rows 1-8” as “row 1” (only) on that second mitt.  So although both mitts look fine individually, they don’t match.  Arrgggh!  This is especially irritating because I purchased extra fancy yarn for these mitts because I was planning to donate them to my kids’ school auction.  But there’s no way I’m donating mis-matching mitts.   And because I’d been knitting those suckers on super-small size 1 needles — and I was really ready to be done — I am not re-knitting a third mitt.  No way.   I’m such a loser!  Fortunately, my sister said she’d like to have them so they won’t go to waste.  (And frankly, when they’re worn, you can barely notice the difference between the mitts.)  But that was two weeks of knitting down the drain because I now have to knit something *else* to donate to the auction.  I bought the Seedling hat pattern at Stitches, along with some Madeline Tosh Vintage so that’ll be the new donation.  But, arrrggghhh!