Several years ago, a VERY close friend became pregnant after a frustrating battle with infertility.  I was so excited for her and as soon as I found out, I excitedly told her that I was going to knit something special for her baby.  All along, I was keeping her posted: “I picked out the perfect pattern;” “I found some beautiful yarn;” “I am half-way done;” etc.  So she KNEW how much work I was putting into the gift.

I knit a lavendar boat-neck pullover with a seed-stitch heart on the front, along with a matching hat. It was really sweet, if I do say so myself.  Because my friend lives in another city, I sent the gift to her baby shower, which I wasn’t able to attend. Every time the phone rang on the day of the shower, I’d think, “Oh, that’s her calling to thank me for the beautiful sweater.” But…nothing — not one word from her.

A few days later, I got a VERY lukewarm thank-you note in the mail, along the lines of, “You certainly have become a proficient knitter.” I was crushed. Really crushed. Clearly, she would have preferred a $30 outfit from Baby Gap. I was especially upset because she KNEW how much work I’d put into it since I’d been keeping her updated all along. The least she could have done is PRETEND to have liked it. Needless to say, that friend is never getting another hand-knit from me — ever. To balance that story out, though, I occasionally bump into other friends who aren’t expecting to see me and their babies happen to be wearing the hats I knit for them. And that’s a thrill. 

This is all one big, long lead-in to my latest hand-knit baby gift:

That’s the Playful Stripes Cardigan by Never Not Knitting (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran + scraps & size 3 & 4 needles).  It was a fun, easy knit.  As I mentioned, this is for a friend who is having a baby on her own, with the help of a sperm donor.  This friend also happens to be a knitter so I’m crossing my fingers that, unlike my other friend, she’ll actually appreciate this hand-knit gift.