…I’ve forgotten all about that quilt amidst all my knitting and crocheting, I’m here to let you know that I just finished the quilt top:

It’s not perfect.  I accidentally put two of the same squares next to each other in two places.  (Can you see that?)  And my corners don’t always (dare I say “rarely”) line up.

And I’m wondering whether I should square the whole thing up.  When I fold it…well, let’s just say this quilt top is not especially even.  Do you think I should?  I wonder if I’ll make a little problem worse by doing that…

Meanwhile, I kind of forget what I’m supposed to do now.  (It’s been awhile since I made a quilt!)  I think the first order of business is getting all the Legos off the dining room table so I can layer and pin-baste it.  (That’s right, isn’t it?)  While I figure that out, I’ll leave you with a photo of my latest Giants-related knit, clashing on top of the quilt.