As I’ve mentioned (and as you can see in my sidebar), I’m doing the 365 Project for photography — taking and posting a photo a day on flickr.  As I approach my 100th day, I have a few thoughts…

** The project is fun, but it’s not generating as many awesome photos as I’d hoped.  Sometimes I’ll just snap something lame simply to check it off my list  of things to do for the day.  As a result, most of my 365 Project photos are pretty forgettable.  I have only a handful of shots that I just love.  This remains my favorite:

And I actually like this very first one quite a bit:

** I’m using my iPhone camera a lot more than I thought I would, and it’s resulted in some surprisingly decent shots:

** I’m pretty convinced that a digital SLR camera (which I don’t have) is the key to some truly excellent photos (well, that, along with Photoshop skills).  That said, I definitely don’t want to fork out the moolah for a new camera or carry around something that heavy.

I definitely plan to continue for 265 more days.  If I get a good 10-15 great shots as a result, I’ll be happy.  And maybe 20 years from now, I’ll think the lame shots are a great capture of my life in 2011.  That said, I probably won’t repeat the project next year.  Yet being more conscious of “would this make a good photo?” is definitely worth something.