Here’s the status of my granny square afghan:

Once I got the border color sorted out, I decided to border all the existing squares before making new ones.  As you can see, I’m almost done with that.  I love the color blue (you can see in the background that it perfectly matches the couch that this afghan will live on), but the cotton content of the yarn makes it not so fun to crochet with.  But it’ll be worth it.  After bordering these existing squares, I have 20 more squares to create and border, which will result in a 63-square afghan.  Cotton crocheting aside, I have loved every part of this project.  The colors are so much fun and the squares are satisfyingly quick.  A shout-out to my friend Sarah for gifting me with her leftovers of the very same blue yarn, which is probably the exact amount I’ll need to seam the squares together.