…to blame my quilting problems on the state of my sewing area.

Yeah, that’s my quilt, amidst boxes and piles of Legos, on the dining room table.  (Fortunately, we have an eat-in kitchen.)  And that mound under the in-progress quilt?  That’s my sewing machine.  So, like I said, I could easily blame my cramped sewing area for the pathetic non-matching patchwork square corners and the wobbly quilting lines (sadly, not much helped by the blue painter’s tape I use as guides).  But the reality of the situation is that, Legos or not, I am just a terrible sewer.  Really terrible.  I know that practice will help this so I do plan to make more quilts.  And I know from the use that my other two quilts are getting that once this quilt is finished, it’ll be just as warm and cozy as a quilt without profound errors.  That said, I can’t help but get a bit discouraged.  I mean, Fons & Porter make it look so easy!!! 

(P.S. Four days left in my pattern sale fundraiser for Japan!)