After a counting mistake, the details of which I won’t bore you with, I realized a few rounds into my sock toes that I was making my decreases in the wrong place.  I tried to fudge it by compensating in a corresponding spot for a few rounds but I could soon tell it just wasn’t going to look (or fit) right.  I really want to be done with these socks — I’ve got a design project (finally!) I want to work on and I want to finish my granny square blanket and I want to start my Campbell.  It was very tempting to fudge the entire toe just to be able to complete these socks.  But enough of my FO’s have ended up in the Goodwill donation bag for me to know better.  When it comes to knitting, “close enough for government work” (one of my dad’s favorite sayings) just doesn’t cut it.  (This is something I also learned the hard way in my past life as a lawyer.  Sometimes I wonder if I’d have been a better, more thorough lawyer if I’d become a knitter first, learning — among other things — the value of taking the time to do it right, to fix mistakes, to understand that ignoring an error is not going to make it disappear but make it worse, to double-check, etc.  But that’s all another story…)  So I spent an entire evening unraveling the previous night’s toe work, resulting in two knitting nights down the drain.  But in the end, I’m going to not hate these socks.  If anything, they’ll be a great reminder of how far I’ve come, of the lessons I’m learning both in knitting and in life.  So here’s where they stand now…just the toes to go: