If you recall, the last time I posted about my quilt in progress, I lamented my mismatched patchwork corners and the horribly wobbly quilting lines.  Well, things didn’t get much better.  The more I quilted, the worse it looked.  It looked bad from the front, bad from the back, just bad all around, unless you stood about 30 feet away from it.  Even my dad — not a crafter! — noticed the poorly done corners, among other errors.  Staring at me with its homely face from my dining room table, the quilt became like an albatross.  Meanwhile, I’ve been so pleased with the granny square afghan, which was intended to ultimately live on the same couch as the quilt — and there really was no comparison.  For awhile, I contemplated finishing the quilt and giving it to my dog. (Really.)  But I finally decided to just cut my losses.  That half-quilted quilt now looks like this:

At first, I considered just donating the whole sandwiched thing.  Then I realized that, once I get my nerve back up, I could absolutely re-use that batting, not to mention the several yards of red polka dot backing fabric.  So partly out of frugality and partly as penance, I painstakingly took apart all the quilting seams — I’m donating the pieced top (hopefully some crafty Goodwill shopper will look upon it as a real “find”) and I’m keeping the batting and backing.  Un-sandwiching wasn’t fun, but I’m glad I did it. 

Speaking of being glad, I don’t regret this project.  My sister and I had a blast picking out the fabrics (and the moment I realized a few weeks later that I really needed one more fabric color to round out the palette, I should have stopped and gotten one — lesson learned) and the practice in cutting and piecing was worthwhile.  Although the quilting was super frustrating, I did at least remind myself how to install and use a walking foot. 

I’m sure I’ll quilt again.  I’ve already geared up my sewing machine with a brand new needle.  I think I’ll go for bigger squares next time — maybe even some of those pre-cut “layer cakes.”  I’m not sure if my issues are more in the cutting (probably) or the sewing (definitely) but it’s clear I just need a lot more practice. 

Meanwhile, I’ve blocked all 63 of my granny squares.  Next step is to determine their arrangement and get seaming.  THAT’S a project I’m sure I’ll be thrilled with.