I discovered some new Ravelry features.  For example, did you know that you can organize your message boards into tabs so you don’t have one long page of message boards (if, like me, you belong to a gazillion groups)?  For example, I have message boards organized under “Yarn Stores,” “Favorite Podcasts,” “TV Shows” tabs.  (Speaking of TV shows, if you are not watching Castle, you are missing out!  And I enjoy the Castle fans board on Ravelry!) 

Another feature I recently discovered is you can have Ravelry messages e-mailed to you.  And you can even select which kind of messages you’d like to receive by e-mail.  For example, you might want personal messages e-mailed but not “friending” messages.

In other Ravelry news, it’s fun to see that my OMG hat design has received more than 300 hearts.  That just makes me smile — I can’t help it.


Do you have any Ravelry tips and tricks to share?  If so,  I’d love to hear!  🙂