As I mentioned, I am obsessed with the so-called Princess Kate shopping shawl.  (I realize she’s a Duchess, not a princess, but whatever…)  As a reminder, here it is:

There are a gazillion versions on Ravelry (best summarized here).  Most are done with fingering weight and many designers took great pains to try to match the precise stitch pattern in the shawl body.  I, however, have been looking for something more in the spirit of the shawl — it’s generous dimensions and the way it drapes.  I do not want to be fussing with a shawl — I want to throw it on and have it stay pretty much where I place it.  So I’ve decided to knit the 3-ruffle version of the Milk Run Shawl.

Not only does it have my favorite name of all these shawls but it’s knit in worsted weight yarn (I honestly have no idea if I’ll actually wear it so I don’t want to knit thousands of yards of fingering weight yarn) and the pattern just happens to be free.  It’s a garter stitch pattern, which is definitely not what Kate’s shawl is, but I like the way it drapes similar to hers, as seen in Ravelry versions.  So here’s the question — what yarn should I use?  I want to knit it in a neutral so it’s versatile.  I think a not-too-dark grey would be perfect.  I’m considering Valley Yarns Amherst in Charcoal (the depth of that grey is exactly what I’m going for but I’ve knit with Amherst before and I’m concerned it wouldn’t be the softest shawl) and Valley Yarns Colrain in Steel (I have loved using this yarn before but I’m concerned the steel color is too flat and I wonder too if the Tencel will negatively affect the drape).  I briefly considered Knit Picks Chroma in Fossil but I’m going to save that for the lovely Kaleidescope shawl by Otterwise.  I could also completely splurge and use something like Madeline Tosh Vintage.  But, again, I’m not sure how much I’ll actually wear this so a splurge is probably not a great idea.  The bottom line — I’m soliciting yarn and color advice.  Your opinion is most welcome!!!  (If you’ve been reading my blog but haven’t commented yet, now would be a great time to pipe up!)  THANKS!  (And thanks to the designer for letting me use her photos!)