…I completed another small project.

That’s a child beret made up of leftovers of some of my most luxurious DK weight yarns.  I’d made a baby beret for my husband’s cousin’s daughter.  She loved it and asked for another now that her baby is getting bigger.  I figured this was a good use for some of those smaller lengths of nice yarns.  She lives far away, which is why I don’t have a modeled shot.  I used the “Cherie” pattern from the Yarn Play Cafe but cast on more stitches to account for the DK weight and the size I was going for.  Meanwhile, I’m working on my Campbell.  I’m not sure why but it’s turned into a bit of a slog.  I am almost done — I’m doing the front cabled band.  For awhile, I thought I’d pick a different stitch pattern for the band because I was concerned the 23-stitch cable pattern was going to be too wide.  But now I think it’ll work fine.  The only thing I’m doubting is whether it’s worth all of the cabling effort because the yarn is very dark and thick and I’m not sure the cables will have the impact they would with a lighter yarn.  But this same yarn and color was used for cable work by other people on Ravelry with great results so we shall see!  Speaking of Ravelry, did you read this awesome write-up in Slate?