I spent the last week in Tahoe, my love of which is well documented.  I didn’t take a lot of photos this year, though you can see some on my 365 Project page on Flickr.  Here’s one:

I didn’t want to lug my whole bulky wool Campbell just for seaming.  So I brought along a project I’d been wanting to attempt for awhile: Turkish Bed Socks.

I have small feet so I *always* have big hunks of sock yarn leftovers.  This is the perfect pattern for them.  I will wear them around the house and, like many Ravelers, with Dansko clogs.  There are tons of helpful notes on Ravelry for this pattern.  I made the mistake, though, of altering the main pattern with those helpful notes before finding out whether I even needed to.  So I had one lengthy false start.  And then because of the unusual construction of these socks (meaning it was hard to predict where the pattern was actually going), they ended up being a bit on the small side, even for my small feet.  That said, they’re workable and now I know how to adjust the pattern for my feet, not for someone else’s.  I used size 1 needles and leftover Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.  I will keep a bag of my little sock yarn balls and the needles and this pattern ready for the next time I get an urge to knit socks.