I finally finished my Campbell and — lo and behold — it’s too big.  This seems to be a trend for me.  (Remember my Copycat Cardigan?).  I don’t know if I have a distorted opinion of my own body or what but I just keep doing this!  It doesn’t help that this Campbell was knit in a bulky weight yarn AND the front is double-layered on account of the wrapping.  Like the Copycat Cardigan, it’s not terrible, but it’s just not a great fit.  Here are some photos:

The sleeves are especially huge.

It’s fine from the back, though.

Anyway, this is quite a bummer.  I suppose I’ll still wear it but it’s not going to be the go-to sweater I’d hoped it would be.  A couple of other notes:

— Knit with Peruvia Quick on sizes 10.5 and 11 (one of the exceptionally rare times I got gauge with the needles called for — normally I have to drop down at least two needle sizes)

— Contrary to my instinct, I have it wrapped and tied off to the right rather than the left because I needed to cover up (by wrapping the sweater over it) the only mistake in the whole sweater — a small uncrossed cable.

— The cabled band took a long time — it is as long as a cabled scarf, a big project in its own right.

What I’m working on now: my Milk Run Shawl.