…should I frog this whole sweater?  Or do you think I should wear it?

Honestly, I have no qualms about the wasted knitting time if I choose to frog.  If anything, I’d prefer to re-knit a whole new sweater rather than have a completed one sitting unworn in my closet.  (If I were to knit something else with this yarn, I’m considering Astor or Heron.) Here’s the main thing holding me back — CAN I ACTUALLY FROG IT?  That is, can I uncover those buried ends and knots and all the tight weaving in that I did to make sure the sweater did not fall apart?  Is there a special place I’m supposed to snip the yarn to make the frogging process easier?  Really, I’ve never frogged a completed, SEAMED sweater before.  Would I just be ruining a reasonably good sweater only to get a fraction of the yarn from it?  Help!  Let me know if you think I should wear the sweater as is or try to frog it.  And if I should frog it, do you have any tips for doing that?  I’m seriously scared of frogging!