So remember I said I was afraid to frog?  Well, this is why.  I just can’t explain why this was so challenging.  I spent about 2 hours getting this far — with pieces coming in dribs and drabs — and I just finally said, “*&#* it.”  My half-frogged Campbell and pieces of yarn are now firmly entrenched in the donation bin with a note that says, “For a Knitter.”  While I cringe at the money down the drain, it was about the same cost as a knitting class and I learned about as much.  For example, I learned I need to take far better care sizing my sweaters and I really need to stick to seamless sweaters for awhile.  It was the seaming, combined with a dark, rough yarn, that made taking this sweater apart nearly impossible.  I’m bummed because not only did I spend hours knitting it, but I spent a long time trying to find an alternative use for the yarn.  (I’d decided on Aurora, a sweater I had blogged about a long time ago!)  So I am a little cranky right now.  But hopefully I’ll finish up my Milk Run Shawl soon and get my mojo back.