I’m still plowing through my scraps, which has been both mindless and satisfying.  I made a new cozy for my phone with leftover sock yarn.  Here it is blocking — I used tongs (genius, if I do say so myself!) to help stretch out that tight picot edge:

And I made another hat:

I’m about to finish a little vest for my daughter’s American Girl doll and I’ve got some other scrappy projects coming down the pike.  I also have an idea for a new design.  Hopefully it’ll pan out.  More soon on that…  In the meantime, I’d love to know what you do with leftovers — those half balls and 10 yards that get leftover from projects.  It seems criminal to throw it out and so I’m always looking for places to use them.  I’m also open to donating some dribs and drabs — if you have a place you love to send your leftovers, let me know!