My friend Eve is a wonderful quilter.  She’s been working on a positively stunning quilt featuring fabric cut in the shape of her children’s hands.  It is just gorgeous and it inspires me every time I see it.  Eve just moved and, as a result, culled through her fabric stash and offered me some hand-me-downs.  What a thrill.  As you know, my quilting career has been less than stellar but I want to keep at it.  A new pile of (free!) fabric is just what I needed.

While I was going through her stash, I mentioned to Eve that I might want to jump back in with a small doll quilt.  She replied, “I’ll be right back.”  A few minutes later, she returned with several doll quilts she’d made for her own daughter.  They were fabulous — just what I had in mind for my next project.  I took some photos (with my phone — sorry if the photo quality doesn’t convey the beauty of these small quilts):

Gorgeous, right?!  And I can totally see my daughter actually using quilts like these with her dolls.  So that’ll be my next sewing project.  I haven’t done much more than picking a few of the hand-me-down fabrics to combine into a little doll quilt, but hopefully I’ll put my foot on the pedal soon.  Oh, and Eve is a big proponent of hand-quilting (machine piecing but hand-quilting) so I may ask for a lesson in that when the time comes.

And in other news, my Namaste bag sold — yea!