I’m making a “Noro” Striped Scarf out of Knit Picks Chroma:

Here are the yarns (Fossil & Midwinter colorways) in their skeins:

I was drawn to some beautiful versions of this scarf I saw on Ravelry and recently I’ve been wearing scarves more than I have in the past.  So I figured this was a good project to intersperse admist all the hats I’ve been making.  Fortunately, the 1×1 rib is less dreadful than you might expect.  I think the color changes help with that.  Oh, I did whip up another iPhone cozy in navy tweed (minus the picot edge) for my husband, who just got a 4S.  But he started using it before I could snap a photo.

Meanwhile, on my mind is the fabulous Rocky Coast Cardigan from the amazing Coastal Knits book.  Some amazing versions are popping up on Ravelry and I’m thinking about making my own a bit down the road.