Remember I told you about my friend who gave me leftover fabric AND inspired me to practice quilting on doll quilts?  Well, here’s my first doll quilt top I made with some of her hand-me-downs:

As usual, it’s not great.  I accidentally put two green squares together and you can see my squares don’t always line up.

But because it’s a doll quilt and because it’s fabric I didn’t pay for, I don’t mind so much.  I’m getting good practice.  (I also learned that two-inch squares get REALLY tiny when you have a 1/4″ seam allowance on all sides.  Doh!)  I’ll soon be quilting it (probably by machine, but am also hoping my friend will at some point teach me hand-quilting, which she swears by) and then sewing the binding.  I still have TONS of her leftovers so I can continue to practice and experiment.  I may even make another small scrappy one for our new little dog.  Meanwhile, I found some super cheap charm packs on clearance at Connecting Threads (Knit Picks’s quilting site):

When I’m feeling more confident about my skills, I’ll use these to make a larger quilt.  I’ll be interested to see whether these pre-cut squares make a difference in the overall product.  I can never quite tell what makes my quilts so wonky — bad cutting, bad pressing, bad sewing or a combo of all three!