Yesterday was the school craft fair I’ve been talking about forever.  I sold a few hats before I remembered to snap a photo of my table.  Here is a shot with most of my merchandise:

I used my phone so the shot isn’t great but you get the idea.  I brought 29 hats.  (I would have had 30 but a few days before one of my day-job editors bought the yellow/black/white one she saw here.)  I sold 21, which was great.  It’s always a mystery to me what will sell and what won’t and in any event it seems to change every year.  For example, this one below I received several compliments on via the blog and I was surprised it didn’t sell.  (My daughter claimed it for herself last night!)

When I returned home, I packaged several m0re of the remaining hats to send to Halos of Hope.

That leaves my already teeny Etsy shop pretty bare, but in a good way.  I’m excited to have moved out some older hats and to get inspired making new ones.  Speaking of being inspired, I’ve mentioned a few times a design idea that didn’t work as a hat but that I was attempting again as another accessory.  The good news is: it worked!  I’ll be knitting the mate (does that give you a hint as to what it is?), writing up the pattern and releasing it sometime in the next few weeks.