So I completed and delivered a bunch of hats to an organization that works with the homeless:

I used Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky.  I also finished a super cute Hoot Toque for one of my editors who is having a baby (and the gender is not yet known):

This is a pattern I would not have looked at twice at had I not seen my friend Sarah’s totally adorable version in real life — so thank you, Sarah!  I used Knit Picks Swish — I had ordered the color (marine heather, a sort of teal-y blue)  online a long time ago for something else, but when it arrived, it wasn’t what I had expected and didn’t work for that project.  It turned out to be perfect for this project.  Funny how that goes…  As far as the eyes, the pattern calls for a perfectly executed circular chain embroidery stitch, which I was not confident I could pull off as expertly as Sarah did.  So I did a little searching and decided to instead do the crochet eyes from this pattern, complimented with bobbles that I use on my hats.  It worked out well.

Meanwhile, I started on a new doll quilt using more scraps that my friend gave me:

I’m just kind of winging it, trying to make one of those scrappy looking brick quilts that I love so much.

Finally, I finished the MOST amazing book and I feel compelled to tell everyone about it.  It’s called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  It is in my all-time top 10 list — and I read a lot so that’s really saying something!