When you hit a certain age, your friends no longer get pregnant at the rate they once did.  So now, when one of my friends (bravely) chooses to have another kid (when her other two are well into elementary school!), it’s cause for yarny celebration.  To that end, I’m crocheting my friend Kristine (who modeled my Kelly mitts) a 20-square version of the granny square afghan I made before.

What I’m loving about this project is that the center squares are made up entirely of leftovers and scraps — those too-big-to-throw-out-but-too-small-for-its-own-project bits.  Because the gender of the baby is unknown, I chose chocolate brown as a unifying color — not only is it gender-neutral but it also tones down some of the wilder colors inside the squares.  The brown is my favorite Valley Yarns Superwash.

As you can see from the photos, I’ve finished the 20 squares and they’re now blocking.  I just need to crochet them together and then decide on a border pattern.  I’m also knitting a matching hat, using the brown for the ribbed brim and striping the very last bits of those leftovers.  It should be a cute shower gift!