…now you don’t.

(And by “them,” I mean my pudgy little fingers!) Those are the convertible “Chilly Podsters.”  I used Berroco Blackstone Tweed in a dark purple (inspired by my friend Sarah’s super cute Hoot hat), but it wasn’t the best match for the pattern.  They’re a bit too big (even though I made the small size), especially around the wrist and the fingers are super thick. (I probably should have eliminated the finger holes and just made them entirely fingerless.)  Also, I just wasn’t a huge fan of the thick-thin variations in the yarn.  Still, I predict they’ll be great up in Tahoe.  I made a full thumb, rather than making a “podster” thumb.  I will enjoy having my fingertips warm but readily available for iPhone use.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up for the Cookie A sock club, which I joined this year after taking her sock class at Interweave Knitting Lab.  This was a definite splurge but I afforded it, in part, by selling a barely used Namaste knitting bag as well as several knitting books I no longer used.  After making her Monkey socks, I am even more excited about this club.  As part of my gearing up, I treated myself to two new sets of sock needles, which I wanted to try after reading about them on Ravelry.

I figure I’ll do the first pair two at a time but on each of the two sets and see which I like best then maybe I’ll do the next pair two at a time on the same pair of circulars.  I’m hoping that one of these sets helps me with my sock-knitting speed, which could use some work.  The first shipment should arrive in the next week or two — squee!