I made a cabled beret with the Quince & Co. Osprey I got to test out.  The yarn is quite nice — I liked it better than their Lark (which is also nice, though):

That’s the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.  It’s a teeny bit small.  Because I’m a loose knitter, I always go down a needle size.  This time I might have gone down one size too many.  Still, I’ve worn it and it’s very cute.  What’s funny about this photo is my sister took it outside our Pilates class, right in front of Round Table Pizza — a huge favorite from our childhood.  Every time we work out there, it takes serious will power not to order a pizza on the way out.  (I’m also wondering if this hat might fit my sister better — Aim, interested?  If so, it’s yours.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the socks with the yarn I got in the first shipment of the Cookie A sock yarn club.

I had planned to do Cookie’s Rick pattern (not one of the patterns in the shipment) but the shifting lace pattern was just too complicated to keep track of for my taste.  So I switched to Business Casual by another designer. (The cuff ribbing is different from the Business Casual ribbing because I didn’t want to re-do ribbing — I just kept the ribbing I’d started from Rick.)  I love the look of these socks, though the cabling (multiple times on every single round) is starting to get on my nerves.  I know I should learn to cable without a cable needle but it just seems a little scary.  As you can see, I’m doing two socks at a time on 4 circulars.  I’m testing out the ChiaGoo needles and the Hiya Hiya needles.  Aside from one rough join, the Hiya Hiyas are definitely winning out!  The ChiaGoos are extremely pointy, which some people might like but since I use the pad of my fingertips to push the needles down, it hurts after awhile!

I also baked some of the cookies from a Cookie A recipe that came with her first shipment:

Those are spicy flourless chocolate cookies, made with cayenne pepper.  YUM!  My husband, who doesn’t like chocolate, and my daughter, who doesn’t like spicy food, loved them!!!  I’m really enjoying this sock club!  Hopefully I’ll have finished socks to share next time…