Today is my three-year blogaversary.  Yea!  This week, I finished a hat for my football-loving son:

The pattern that inspired me is a crochet pattern — I just made a knit hat from her great idea.  I duplicated-stitched the center strip.  I also made these:

The pattern is Mao from Petite Purls.  It’s hard to see from this photo but they have cute i-cord tails in the back.  My embroidery of faces on knit toys still leaves a lot to be desired.  (Any tips?)  These cuties will be snuck into my kids’ luggage when they leave for sleepaway camp — ssshhhh. 

I’m currently at work on something super frivolous and unnecessary: a hot water bottle cozy.  Mine is even more absurd because it’s fair isle.  But I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile.  In sewing news, I’m sloooooowly plugging away on that doll quilt.