I got my Cookie A Sock Club shipment — it’s yarn from the Plucky Knitter, a vendor I’ve been wanting to try, in the prettiest shade of blue.  I’m doing the Reykjavik pattern, the easier of the two from this shipment. 

I haven’t decided which of the two cookie recipes from this shipment that I’ll be trying.  One combines chocolate with anise, which sounds interesting but may not appeal to my kids.  I am SO loving this sock club.  I have come to enjoy sock knitting and I realize that since I wear hand-knit socks around the house and to bed every night, it’s really one of the most functional knits that I make (along with hats).  I’m also enjoying following everyone’s progress on the Ravelry board.  In other news, I signed up for a sweater design class at Interweave Knitting Lab in November.  (Cookie A isn’t teaching there again this year otherwise I definitely would have signed up for one of hers too.)  Hopefully that’ll inspire me to resume sweater knitting the way the Cookie class last year inspired me with socks.