I finished my Reykjavik Socks, another winner from the Cookie A  Sock Club.  Very fun to knit and comfortable to wear.  I’ve never started another pair of socks right after finishings a pair, but I’ve already cast on for Amelie in the dog-colored colorway of Artisan Sock. I’m still not a fast sock knitter, but I’m definitely getting faster.

I also used a gift certificate to purchase some yarn for a granny square blanket which, as I mentioned, I’ve been noodling about for some time. 

The granny square in the photo is probably not the pattern I’m going to use for this blanket.  I’m auditioning a few squares.  What I do know is that all the centers will be solid colors and the outside will be chocolate brown.  I don’t know why but I am super drawn to making blankets.  (See here, here and here.)  I love the coziness they symbolize and I also like sinking my teeth into a longer-term project.

Finally, I treated myself to a little jaunt to Oakland on Friday.  I visited the terrific 1968 Exhibit at the Oakland Museum and also took my first trips to A Verb for Keeping Warm and Article Pract (which was having a 30 percent off sale!), both great stores.