So it was smooth sailing on the Kai-Mei socks until it was time to add the patterning.  The instructions were surprisingly tricky, involving some unusually placed markers and some highly unorthodox needle maneuvers.  It took me one whole evening of muttering”Whhaa?” before I finally decided to trust the pattern.  (I was convinced there had to be errata, and sure enough there was, but it was for the second sock, not the one that was giving me fits!)  Needless to say, I finally got it.  Here’s where I’m at, admittedly, not a whole lot farther along than I was the last time I shared:

Meanwhile, I’m still crocheting hexagons.  Here are all of the colors I’m using.

(It’s hard to tell but in the back, there’s a bag of chocolate brown — that’s the unifying color…)  The only colors I’m not positive about are the light green and the light blue.

Finally, I made some cookies from a Cookie A Sock Club recipe (August shipment):

They’re pistachio lace cookies with orange flavoring — and they were DELICIOUS.