I received the October shipment of the Cookie A Sock Club:

It’s a Green Mountain Spinnery yarn made specially for the club in a rustic brown. I love it.  It’s a little rough on the hands but I’m hoping that makes them extra durable on the feet.  Two of the pairs of socks I’ve made from this sock club have already felted so much that they now only fit my 9-year-old.  I cannot tell you what a bummer that is.  I had originally planned to do Cookie’s sock club for a second year, but now I’m reconsidering.  I’ve absolutely had the best time making the socks and the cookies but between the short lifespan of some of the socks and the fact that I feel like I’ve only made socks and hats this year, I wonder if one year in the club is enough.  I do love the surprises in the mail every two months so I may decide to do it after all but I’m debating.  (Any other great yarn clubs I should know about?!)  With this Green Mountain Spinnery yarn, I’ll make the Sarsparilla socks, which I’ve already started.  Also, both recipes in this shipment — a pumpkin cookie (people, I loooove pumpkin) and hamentaschen — look amazing.  I’ll make the pumpkin ones soon and save the hamentaschen for Purim.  (She could have timed that recipe a little better, in my opinion, but I’m still thrilled she included it.)

Speaking of holidays, I also made another hat.  I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I put these two colors together and came up with this:

Meanwhile, I’m still crocheting hexagons too.  I’ll post an update on that soon.