So I had some false starts on the Sasparilla socks from the October shipment of the Cookie A sock club.  So I ditched that pattern and decided to try the Hedgerow socks instead.  I just finished the cuff on both socks.  I did make the pumpkin cookies with brown butter glaze from this shipment:

These cookies are more cake-like than cookie-like but they are yummy.  Meanwhile, I have caught a massive case of Giants fever!  So I took a break from sock knitting to whip up this hat:

Seriously, I can’t believe how into this World Series I am.  I’m a native San Franciscan but I’ve never been much of a baseball fan (though you may remember I hit a fun Stitch ‘n Pitch a few years ago at AT&T Park).  I know a LOT about football but I’d never really understood the nuances of baseball.  But I’d also never had a 10.5-year-old son before!  He’s teaching me so much and I’m loving getting to know the players (Panda!) and the strategy!  I see more Giants-related knits in my future.  Speaking of my future, the socks may take awhile because I’ve got one more month before the school craft fair and I want to whip out some last hats for that.  I hope I won’t bore you with hat pictures in the coming posts.  I will soon have an update on a knitting class I’ll be taking as well as an update on my hexagons as soon as I get around to photographing them.  In the meantime, GO GIANTS!