Here are my completed hexagons so far:

I had to use my flash so the colors aren’t exactly accurate but you get the idea.  I can’t decide if I should add one more color.  Thoughts?  (I eliminated a light blue after my friend Diana wisely noted that it could read as white from far away…) Also, I’m wondering if I should use another neutral color to seam the hexagons together — or should I just use brown?  If I use the brown, will it still be clear that they are hexagons?  I welcome input on these decisions.  At this point, I’ve got 64 hexagons done.  From the yarn I’ve got left and the approximate size so far, I’d estimate that I’m about 2/3 of the way done.

I’ve also been knitting away on my slightly delayed October socks from the Cookie A sock club.  And, of course, I’ve made a few more hats for the upcoming craft fair: