Today was this year’s craft fair.  Here’s my table:


It’s not a great photo (it’s pretty rotten, actually) but you get the idea.  Now that it’s over, I won’t be boring you with endless hat photos!  In other knitting news, I’m about to turn the heels of my Hedgerow socks.  And I’m in the home stretch of my crocheted hexagon blanket.  I’ve got a gift to knit (probably a hat — yikes, that’ll be another hat photo…) and then I am going to think seriously about knitting a sweater.  I want to put the recent lessons I’ve learned to good use!

I’m also considering doing the 365 Project again.  I was really (!) glad to be done with it at the end of 2011.  But if I did it again, I would commit to only using my iPhone, which might make it less burdensome.  I also really want to finish this doll quilt (I’m not sure why I stalled out so much on it — it mocks me every time I walk by it in the dining room!) so that I can get working on a real grown-up quilt.