My knitting projects are gnawing at me right now.  I have more than the usual number going on and, as a result, I’m having trouble making substantive progress on any of them.  Here they are:


Broken down, they are…

The crocheted hexagon blanket:


I’ve only got about 3 more hexagons to crochet.  Then I’ve got to weave in all (!) the ends and block them.  Then I’ve got to seam them together.  (I’m going with light brown to do that, by the way…)

Next, my Hedgerow socks from the October shipment of the Cookie A sock club:



Still at the heel on those because I took a little break to knit a hat for my son’s advisor at school.  Here it is blocking:


That’s the 16 Cable Hat, which I made from Cascade 220 Superwash.  It came out a tad small so I’m really hoping this blocking (over a dinner plate) fixes that.  Meanwhile, the DECEMBER shipment (my last) of the Cookie A Sock Club arrived:


That’s Stricken Smitten.  The color is more purple than blue.  I like the patterns that came with the shipment but they’re lacy and complicated and, considering I haven’t finished the October socks yet, I think I’d better stick with something more straightforward.  So I’m thinking of making the Thuja socks (a women’s version).  I also want to knit a sweater, some mittens, some knitted flowers (remember that book I raved about?) and, absolutely for sure no question, this.  But first, I’ve gotta finish up all these projects that are gnawing at me.  Oh, on the sewing front, there’s this:


Yup, that (under some random Legos, which illustrates how long it’s been sitting there) is the doll quilt that I’ve been working on (cough, cough, uh, neglecting) for almost a year.  I really want to finish that so I can turn to a grown up quilt.  Oh, and then there’s the 365 Project that I may resume in 2013, the hat design idea I have but need to execute and, oh, a book I need to edit.  Onward!